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Are all VAs really expensive?

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  • Are all VAs really expensive?

    Just been given a quote for £35 per hour for a virtual assistant- is this about average or is it wildly expensive? I want someone that I can trust but I don't want to spend that much if I don't have to! Thanks in advance!

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    Hi Lily! I know this post of yours has been posted a long time ago but it caught my attention, being a virtual assistance consultant. You could actually get a skilled virtual assistant for as low as $3 dollars - £2.33. If you are still looking for one, please contact me for a free 5 day VA simulation.


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      Hi Lily, the UK average for a VA is £25/hour some charge more as they have more experience or offer management experience that you can benefit form. It is important to remember that a VA runs their own business and therefore have costs attached to that including insurance, GDPR compliance, professional-level software and the costs of their own professional development to maintain standards. A VA charging £25/hour is likely to earn after costs about £15/hour. It is possible to find VAs charging a lot less than that but in that case it is important to ask if they have the relevant insurance and registrations in place to protect your business should anything go wrong.


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